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File word tổng hợp 10 đề thì B1 ở Đại học Huế từ 2019File chuẩn nhé update từ 2019Thật ra đề thi thì loanh quanh trong đống này thôi mọi người tải về xem nhé.Mọi người tải về xem học kĩ đáp án chủ yếu phần nói mới khó các phần này khá đơn giản..Chúc mọi người thi tốt. LISTENING (30 minutes) PART 1 What time did the taxi arrive? B C – You are very late, Ruth What happened? – I intended to get the train at a quarter to eight so I booked a taxi for ten past seven (A) but I didn’t come till twenty-five past (B) – How anoying? – that means I didn’t get to the station till ten to eight (C) and I had to wait for the next train at quarter past What will they buy first? – Which shops you want to go to this afternoon, Billy? – I want to buy a computer game for my brother and I need some new trainers – You always take a long time looking for computer games so let’s that last There’s that huge shoe shop near the station so we can go there first – OK And there’s a bookshop next door so we can go there after the shoe shop I need a book for school Which is the girl’s bag? B A – Good morning Can I help you? – Oh, yes please I left a bag on the train Has anyone found it? It’s got a long handle and the pocket on the front – I will look at my list What colour is it? – It’s brown leather and quite old How will the boy contact his mother? A B C – Bye Peter See you next week Enjoy the trip Don’t forget to phone me when you get there – I lost my phone, remember? – Well, borrow someone else’s and send me a text – Alright Johny will have his and won’t mind We won’t be able to get to a computer as we’re camping.T ĐÁP ÁN What should Jessie bring to the picnic? A B C Hi Jessie I’s Maria I’m ringing about the picnic on Saturday Everyone’s bringing something I know you’re good at making pizza but Adam’s decided he is bringing those Can you get some biscuits – a big packet? I’m making a big bowl of salad to go with the pizza.ẮT ĐÁP ÁN What did the man buy? A TẮT ĐÁP ÁN – How’s your new flat? B C – It’s great but it hasn’t got much furniture I already had a bed Luckily there was a sale in the shop down the road so I got a table quite cheaply They also have some really nice chairs but they only had one left by the time I got there and I need more than that – So you can invite your friends for a meal now – Of course When I get some saucepans, that is There’s a cooker and a fridge but not much else in the kitchen Which bus will the girl catch? B A – C Excuse me, I want to get to the cinema Can you tell me which bus to catch? Bus number 112 goes to the city centre, then you have to change to the 153, which stops outside the cinema Or you can get bus 113 to the park and walk from there It takes about 15 minutes I don’r mind walking, so I will that It’s better than having a change TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART You will hear a radio interview with Jack Williams, who is talking about a town called Swanton Where is the town of Swanton located? Near the sea by a lake on a hill TẮT ĐÁP ÁN What does Jack like most about living in Swanton? A There are opportunities for climbing nearby B There is plenty of activity in the town C There is interesting wildlife near the town TẮT ĐÁP ÁN What does Jack say about entertainment in Swanton? A A music festival takes place in the town B Its football club has done well this year C An arts centre has recently opened Jack is worried about the environment of Swanton because … A the water in the river is dirty B there are few wild birds around today C pollution has destroyed the plants in one area What does Jack say about the way Swanton has changed? A He preferred the town when it was smaller B He thinks it is a more interesting place C He is sorry that there are fewer jobs available Jack is positive about the future of Swanton because… A there is a successful new shopping centre B there will soon be a new airport C a new university is opening TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART You will hear a radio talk about holidays in Northumberland HOLIDAYS IN NORTHUMBERLAND Useful Information – Read Peter Green’s book called (1) ……………… around Northumberland’ – Lots of things to see, for example (2) …………… – Accommodation in flats, hotel, cottages or bed and breakfast places – Best time to go is (3) …………… Bike Hire – One week – 35 pounds – Two weeks – (4) …………… pounds Local Events – June – Food Festival – August – International Festival of (5) …………… National Park Activities – Guided walks, photography, (6) ……………… – The telephone number of the Northumberland National Parkis (7) …………… Driving cycling WALKING A castle a museum a village The summer 50 sport bird watching 880046 the spring 65 paiting ice skating 990046 the winter 55 music swimming 558046 READING (35 minutes) PART 1 A Children less than five years old cannot go on this ride alone B Children in groups of five or more must have an adult with them C Adults are not allowed on this ride A There will only be one entrance to the park after today B This entrance cannot be used before 11 am today C The park opens at 11 am today A You can get three books at half their normal price after today B You only get a discount this week when you buy two books C You don’t pay for one book if you buy two others as well today A Jan should tell Peter to bring the book back B Michael has gone to Peter’s house C Peter will receive the book in the post A Use another exit when this door is shut B Do not leave this door open when you go out C This door is the only exit from this building TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART Read the text about entertainment for children in London to decide if each of the 10 statements is correct or incorrect If it is correct, click on box T If it is not correct, click on box F Visiting London with children? Here’s a guide to some attractions for younger tourists The Barbican Centre has its annual children’s festival, Summer in the City, on 15 August Each day’s timetable is handed out as you enter It may include magic shows, face painting, hat making and music One ticket (£4.50 for children, £1 for adults, and no children or adults allowed on their own) buys a full day’s activity so you can have a go at everything At the South Bank Centre young dancers can join in Sleeping Beauty workshops with the English National Ballet on August On August Peter Badejo encourages all comers to join in African dance and there’s outdoor dance, theatre and music for all the family on the terraces around the Centre at weekends For example, on 21 August the Teatro Buendia from Cuba will present a show for children of all ages called An Elephant Takes Too Much Room At London Zoo there is a special exhibition about animals which have disappeared as well as animals in danger of disappearing There are life-size moving models of dinosaurs, but you can also see living examples of endangered species such as tigers and bird eating spiders While you may not want to get too near these, there are plenty of friendly animals in the new Children’s Zoo which will be happy to let you get close to them The Tower Hill Pageant is a dark ride museum showing the history of the City of London Outside, the Town Crier calls visitors to Coin Striking when children can beat out copies of old coins in metal using traditional methods Musicians and street performers will also be appearing throughout the summer The Museum of the Moving Image is about the cinema its guides are actors dressed as cowboys and film stars You can learn about film making in special classes and there is a special exhibition at eye level for very young children under one metre tall If adults are ready for a rest why not book Sunday lunch at the Russell Hotel? The Jumping Jelly Bean Club offers an exercise class (with qualified instructors) for children while you have a drink Sit down to lunch together (£14.25 for adults, £3.95 for the children’s menu), then while you have your coffee, the jumping Jelly Beaners watch children’s films The Club is held every Sunday lunchtime and it’s free to children with families eating in the hotel The Barbican Centre programme changes from day to day T Children can be left at the Barbican Centre for the day F At the South Bank Centre there is dance from different parts of the world T The Children’s Zoo sells soft toy animals.F At the Tower Hill Pageant visitors can learn about the past.T Children can learn traditional music with the town crier.F Visitors to the Museum of the Moving Image can watch actors making a film.F The Jumping Jelly Bean Club is in a hotel.T 10 It cost £3.95 to join the Jumping Jelly Bean Club.F TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART WINTER DRIVING Winter is dangerous because it’s so difficult to know what is going to happen and accidents take place so easily Fog can be waiting to meet you over the top of a hill Ice might be hiding beneath the melting snow, waiting to send you off the road The car coming towards you may suddenly slide across the road Rule Number One for driving on icy roads is to drive smoothly Uneven movements can make a car suddenly very difficult to control So every time you either turn the wheel, touch the brakes or increase your speed, you must be as gentle and slow as possible Imagine you are driving with a full cup of hot coffee on the seat next to you Drive so that you wouldn’t spill it Rule Number Two is to pay attention to what might happen The more ice there is, the further down the road you have to look Test how long it takes to stop by gently braking Remember that you may be driving more quickly than you think In general, allow double your normal stopping distance when the road is wet, three times this distance on snow, and even more on ice Try to stay in control of your car at all times and you will avoid trouble In this text the writer want to _ A complain about bad winter driving B give information about winter weather C warn people against driving in winter D advise people about safe driving in winter TẮT ĐÁP ÁN Why would somebody read this text? A to find out about the weather B for information on driving lessons C to learn about better driving D to decide when to travel What does the writer think? A People should avoid driving in the snow B Drivers should expect problems in winter C People drive too fast in winter D Winter drivers should use their brakes less Why does the writer talk about a cup of coffee? A to explain the importance of smooth movements B because he thinks refreshments are important for drivers C because he wants drivers to be more relaxed D to show how it can be spilled The stopping distance should be the longest when you drives _ A on a normal road B on a wet road C on a hot road D on an icy road TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART A, dificulty C, fear B, problem D, worry TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A, making C HOLDING B, TALKING D, FINDING TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A, WHILE TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A prepared B waited C happened D attended TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A offered B advised C tried D suggested TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A very B so B, DURING C, AFTER D, UNTIL C too D such TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A paying B reaching C earning D winning TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A another B all C some √D each TẮT ĐÁP ÁN √A still B ever C already D yet TẮT ĐÁP ÁN 10 A common √B popular C preferred D favourite TẮT ĐÁP ÁN WRITING (25 minutes) PART It’s + (not)+ ADJ (for someone) + “to V_infi + (O)” = S + find it + (not) + ADJ + “to V_infi + (O)” It’s very important for players to follow the rules Players find it very important to follow the rules It’s necessary for us to learn English nowadays We find it necessary to learn English nowadays It’s not easy for me to understand one person I find it uneasy to understand one person It’s wrong to talk back to your parents I find it wrong to talk back to your parents It’s very interesting for us to watch this film We find it very interesting to watch this film Unless + S + be +… + clause = If + S + be + not + …, clause Unless + S + V +… + clause = If + S + do/did + not + V_infi +, clause Unless you are over 15 you can’t see this film If you are not over 15, you can’t see this film Unless you drive fast you will be really late If you don’t drive fast you will be really late We usually go for a walk after supper unless there’s a good film on TV We usually go for a walk after supper if there isn’t a good film on TV You can’t go abroad unless you have a passport You can’t go abroad if you don’t have a passport 10 Unless she comes tonight I don’t see her until after my holiday If she doesn’t come tonight, I don’t see her until after my holiday PART You have lost some sunglasses which you borrowed from your English friend Joe Write an email to Joe In your email, you should: • apologise to Joe • say how you lost the sunglasses • offer to buy Joe some new ones Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet Dear Joe, I am sorry for losing some sunglasses which I borrowed from you last week I forgot it at the shop When I came back and look for them, they were disappeared I will buy some new ones and give back to you next Monday Yours, … Your English friend Hannah has invited you to visit her next month, but you can’t Write an email to Hannah In your email, you should: • thank her for inviting you • explain why you can’t come • suggest visiting her another time and the activities you can together Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet Dear Hannah, Thank you for your invitation to visit you next month but I am sorry to say that I can’t come I am going to come back my hometown at that time It will be ok to visit you two months later and after that we can go fishing together Yours, … SPEAKING (15 minutes) Part 1 Are you living with your family? (yes I am/ No, I’m not) Part 2: Talk about your dream holiday: – Where you want to go to (I want to go to Hanoi) – Why you like that place (There are so many reasons why I like that place because: + First, it is the capital of Vietnam- my country (you know) where I have never been before + Second, Hanoi has many lanscapes and Historical places + Third, I can learn more and more and communicate with many foreigners because it is also a tourism place like Hue city – What you will there + I think I will visit some famous places first as Guom Lake, Temple of Literature (Văn miếu Quốc Tử Giám), Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and so on + Then I want to enjoy many many foods for which Hanoi is famous such as Phở, Cốm or some other foods like that + I think it will be the great time I have with my family Part 3: Why people take holiday? I think people take holiday because holiday is the great time when everyone can relax after a long time for works Also, They can spend their time for travelling, camping, going picnic with their family It will be the happy time when every member of the family can be together What people when visiting a new place? I think… When visiting a new place, most of peole feel very awesome So, they often walk or go around that place first After that, they relax and go out to enjoys many things outdoor like eating foods, joining in many activities Of course, they also often buy souvernirs and take them back home to give their friends PAPER – LISTENING (30 minutes) PART 1 What has the boy lost? A √B C Mum- love it here The city’s really interesting and it’s quite easy to find my way round, thanks to the map you gave me- don’t know what I’d without it I’ve taken some great photos, but I left my camera on a tram(xe điện) so I won’t be able to show you! And things are more expensive than I expected, so I don’t think my money will last very long Can you send me some more? Thanks Speak to you again soon What time does the race begin? A B√ C Boy: I’m running the race on Saturday, but I don’t know where it is or when it begins Man: Well, you’re going to run round the lake All the runners have to meet in the car park and register by quarter to two, though the race won’t actually start until half past There should be about a hundred runners Boy: When will it be over? I’ve got to catch a train at quarter past three Man: It’s 15 kilometres! You won’t be on time for that! Which musical instrument does the boy play now? A B – Look at this notice The school’s starting trumpet lessons next term – Oh, the trumpet! That’s an instrument I’d love to play It’s got a great sound – Yes, I might try that, or maybe piano, I don’t know You learnt piano, didn’t you? – Yes, I played the piano for years, in fact- until I took up the drums last year You can’t everything, and I just felt they were more my sort of instrument, really What will the weather be like tomorrow afternoon? A√ B C And now for tomorrow’s weather The day will start showery and windy Those winds should disappear by late morning, but the wet weather will continue until well into the evening Although we might see some bright sunny periods between the showers early on, by midday it will be cloudy, with temperatures of no more than ten or twelve degrees centigrade What is the subject of James Wilson’s book? A B√ C This latest book by James Wilson is part of a series of practical guides for young people written by experts The first in the series, Cookery for Beginners, was written by a well-known television cook It’s very clear and well written, and is a best-seller Wilson’s book, Computers for Beginners is in the bookshops now and is also very popular And there’ll be a book about photography called Photography for Beginners, which will come out next year It’s written by a newspaper cameraman and will certainly be full of useful information Which part of the man’s body hurts him at the moment? A B C Doctor: It’s been four weeks since your accident, hasn’t it? So tell me how you are feeling How’s the pain in your legs? Man:My legs were really hurting me until last week, but that’s worn off now, I’m glad to say So has the pain in my back My shoulder’s still fairly sore (khá đau) though not as bad as it was, fortunately Doctor: I’m pleased to hear that Let’s take a look at you, anyway Where was the man’s knowledge of Spanish useful? A B C Well, I was staying with English friends actually, and I just ate at home with them I did manage to explain what I wanted when I went shopping though, and I was pleased about that But I didn’t manage to talk to any of the Spanish people who were invited to my friends’ place- that was really disappointing I couldn’t understand what they said to me PART Interviewer: In our series on careers, I’m talking to college student Sarah Mercer, who wants to become a weather forecaster Sarah, when did you become interested in weather? Sarah: Well, I could actually read a weather map when I was ten! I remember we had really cold winters in my hometown that made travelling difficult, so I’d switch on the TV forecast to see when we’d have good weather My science teacher was surprised how much I knew during our lessons on weather at school! Interviewer: And did your family encourage you? Sarah: My grandfather recorded the weather every day, but I was too young to remember that It probably influenced my father, though – he became a science teacher But my mum bought me special notebooks to record the weather, just like my grandfather had done, and those helped me a lot Interviewer: And you started a weather club at your school What happened there? Sarah: Well, my teacher asked me to help other pupils learn about the weather, so I started the club The school already had a mini weather station, so we used what we found out from that to put in a daily weather diary – that’s now kept in the school library And I found the information very useful for school projects I worked on! Interviewer: And your family’s hobby is sailing, isn’t it? Have you had any bad experiences with weather on your trips? Sarah: Well, one day we went sailing when the forecast that morning was for good weather But we didn’t listen to it again later, which you should always do, because it changed, and we got caught in a storm At least we were wearing our wet-weather clothes! But now I always watch the clouds to see if bad weather’s on the way Interviewer: So what kind of job will you have in the future? Sarah: My friends think I’m doing this to get a job as a TV weather presenter, but I’d be too nervous for that! But I’m attracted by the idea of going to different countries to work And there are good jobs working with international sailing teams, but I’m not sure if that’s for me Interviewer: So finally, Sarah – what’s your favourite weather? Sarah: Well, everyone likes it when it’s sunny, and I do, too, but when it’s pouring down outside you get great grey clouds that are really beautiful, so I usually rush out in the wet! Fog is interesting, too, the way it suddenly appears, but it’s a bit dangerous, so I can’t say I really like it Interviewer: Thanks, Sarah Why did Sarah first become interested in the weather? A She studied weather in school science lessons √B She had experience of bad weather where she lived C She saw programmes about weather on TV Who encouraged Sarah’s interest in the weather at home? √A Her mother B Her father C Her grandfather Pupils at Sarah’s school club √A produced a book about the weather B provided information to the school for projects C set up equipment for studying the weather What mistake did Sarah’s family make during a sailing trip? A They didn’t recognise signs of bad weather coming B They hadn’t made preparations for the bad weather √C They failed to check weather forecasts regularly Sarah thinks in future she’d like to A work in the area of sport B be on TV weather programmes C travel abroad for her job What kind of weather does Sarah like best? A when the sun is shining B when it’s raining hard C when there’s fo Part ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Date of college trip: (1) 15th ………… Number of international teams will take part: (2) ……………… Number of sportspeople who will compete: (3) …………… How the group will travel to Birmingham: (4) by …………… What group members should take on the day: (5) …………… Name of the website page: (6) …………… Which day other details will be available to students: (7) …………… √A March B April C June A 40 √B 140 C 114 A 52 B 250 √C 520 A plane √B train C coach A cameras B mobiles phones √C identity card √A birinfo B pirinfo C terinfo A Tuesday B Thursday √C Friday PAPER – READING (35 minutes) PART 1 A There are only ten tickets left √B Tickets reserved today are cheaper (dự trữ) C Buy ten tickets and get one free A You must finish your drink before you go into the concert B You can get drinks both before and after the concert √C You can order drinks for the interval before you go in (thời gian nghỉ) ( tắt máy in trước loại bỏ bìa) A Do not touch the switch at the back of this printer √B Do not take the back cover off the printer until it is turned off (đừng lấy bìa tắt máy in) C Switch this printer off at the back √A This shop doesn’t close for lunch on Fridays B This shop closes early on Friday C We not serve lunch on Fridays √A There is no class today because of Mr Hawksley’s illness B Tell Mr Hawksley if you cannot come to class C Do not come to class if you are feeling ill PART Unusual women of the past You may think that no women went to sea or joined the army until the twentieth century, but this is not true Although they usually had to pretend to be men, there are a few true stories of woman who fought for both good reasons and bad ones One English woman soldier in the seventeenth century was Christian Walsh, the wife of a man who was made to join the army, although he did not want to be a soldier Christian refused to accept the situation, unlike most women in those days She cut off her hair, dressed as a man and joined the army, calling herself Kit Cavanagh, in order to look for her husband It was thirteen years before she found him and during that time she fought in several different countries She was only discovered to be a woman when doctors were operating on her for an injury she had received while fighting A rather different example, from around the same time, is Anne Bonney It is not certain why she left Ireland, where she was born, and went to the islands which are now called the Bahamas However, we know that when she got there, she fell in love with a sailor called John Rackham She worked with John to steal a ship from the local port They obviously chose the ship carefully, because it was the fastest one in the port at the time For the next ten years they sailed round the Caribbean, attacking other ships and stealing everything valuable from them, as well as taking sailors to help on their own ship One day, Anne was surprised to discover that a boy they had taken off another ship in this way was really a young woman She told Anne her name was Mary Read She said she had dressed like a man to increase her opportunities, because in those days of course most women were expected to stay at home Earlier, Mary had fought in the army, but had stopped pretending to be a man for a short time when she married a soldier who had realized that she was a woman Unfortunately her husband died, and so Mary started to dress as a man once again and became a sailor Anne and Mary continued their criminal career with John Rackham, but in the end their ship was caught by the navy The two women went on fighting even after all the men were taking prisoner, but they avoided punishment and disappeared Nobody knows what happened to them after that Perhaps they pretended to be men and joined another ship, or maybe they got married The writer says many women joined armies before the twentieth century A √B Christian Walsh wanted to marry a soldier A √B Kit Cavanagh spent thirteen years in the army √A B Kit fought the doctors when they tried to operate A √B Anne Bonney went to the Bahamas to find John Rackham A √B Anne helped John to get a fast ship √A B Mary was already working on a ship before she met Anne √A B Mary joined the army in order to be with her husband A √B Anne and Mary went to prison after John Rackham A √B 10 It is uncertain what happened to Anne and Mary in the end √A B PART Suzanne was very nervous about her interview She had prepared for it for at least three weeks before She really wanted the job but she knew that a lot of other people wanted to get it, too She had been told when she phoned the number in the advertisement that there were so many applicants for it, so she prepared herself She made notes of what might be asked and of what she wanted to ask When the day came she arrived half an hour early There were six other people waiting to be interviewed They all looked much more confident than she did She began to feel even more nervous One by one was called Each of them came out and looked satisfied Suzanne was the last one to be called into the interview room She had decided by that time that she had no chance of getting the job, so she felt relaxed as she walked in; she felt that she had nothing to lose The three interviewers were all serious and they didn’t seem to be interested in her She forgot all the answers she had prepared and said the first thing that came into her head Two days later, she got a letter telling her she had been chosen because she had been the only one who acted naturally How did Suzanne know about the job? A In the waiting room B Her friends told her C In an office √D In an advertisement What did Suzanne before the interview? A She took care of her appearance B She felt confident about her interview √C She made notes of what she might be asked D She took care of what she would wear How did Suzanne feel at the waiting room? A She felt more confident than the other applicants √B She felt less confident than the other applicants C She felt less nervous than before the interview D She felt as confident as the other applicants What is NOT true about Suzanne? A She felt that she had no chance to get the job B She felt that she had nothing to lose C She said the first thing that came to her head √D She was confident of her ability What was the attitude of the three interviewers to Suzanne? √A They were very serious B They seemed to be interested in talking to Suzanne C They kept smiling D They were cheerful to see Suzanne  PART FURTHER EDUCATION Around the age of sixteen you must make one of the biggest decisions (0) …of… your life Do I stay on at school and hopefully go on to university (1) (later)? Do I leave and start work or begin a training (2) (course -khóa học) The decision is yours, but it may be (3(worth-giá trị) remembering two things: there’s more unemployment (4)(among-trong số)…… people who haven’t been to university, and people who have the right (5) skills will have a big advantage in the competition for jobs If you decide to go (6) straight into a job, there are many opportunities for training Getting qualifications will (7) help you get on more quickly in many careers, and evening classes allow you to learn (8) while you earn Starting work and taking a break to study when you’re older is (9) another possibility This way, you can save up money for your student days, as well as (10) getting practical work experience A after A school √A worth A between A notes √A straight A make A where A also 10 A doing √B later C then D past B class √C course D term C important D useful B necessary √B among C with D through B papers C arts √D skills B just C direct √B help C let D give √B while C when D what B again B making √C another C taking D rather D always √D getting PAPER – WRITING (25 minutes) PART 1 If John had much money, he could buy that car John can’t buy that car because he doesn’t have much money If I had time, I could learn to play the guitar I can’t learn to play the guitar because I don’t have time We weren’t afraid of the test if we knew much about history We are afraid of the test because we don’t know much about history If she had cash, she wouldn’t pay a credit card She pays a credit card because she doesn’t have cash The rice crop could grow if it rained a lot The rice crop cannot grow because it doesn’t rain a lot If he didn’t eat so many chips, he wouldn’t be fat He is fat because he eats so many chips If you got enough fresh air, you wouldn’t be feeling tired You are feelingtired because you don’t get enough fresh air If he liked your friends, he would come to your party He won’t come to your party because he doesn’t like your friends If I had the money, I could buy a new computer I can’t buy a new computer because I don’t have the money 10 If we had tickets, we would go to the concert We won’t go to the concert because we have no tickets PART You recently did a homework project in English and your English friend Sam helped you by sending you some information Write an email to Sam In your email, you should: • thank him for his help • explain which information was most useful to you • say what your teacher thought about your project Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet Dear Sam, Thank you for your help by sending me some information about animals The most useful information to me is the photos and information about tropical animals My teacher was very interested in my project Lovely, …… Your English friend Leo has sent you a CD as a present Write a message to Leo In your message, you should: • thank him for the CD • explain why you like it • say what you are going to send him in return Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet Dear Leo, Thank you for the CD that you sent me some days ago I like it very much because it’s the one that collected many songs of my favorite music Band I had already found the CD which you asked me last week I am going to send you this afternoon Your friend, ……… SPEAKING Part 1: What’s your favourite food? (My favourite food is chicken/ Salad/…) Do you like having meals at home or at a restaurant? Why? (I like having meals at home because I can enjoy the meals with my family with my mother’s delicious foods.) Do you often go to the library? (Yes, I I often go there to read books and self-study) What are the benefits of a library? (Library has many kinds of books You can go there to get information and study.) Part 2: The teacher who inspired me in studying when I was young is my English teacher At that time, I was not good at studying English I thought English was the boring subject, and I didn’t want to study it anymore However, he helped me a lots to find out the interest in English that made me changed my mind and tried my best I learnt many things from him about the knowledge, the love to English and many other things Part 3: DO you think teaching is a difficult career? Why? (Yes, I I think teaching is a difficult career that you have to have many good characters such as loving children, having good knowledge, having teaching methods and so on.) Is it necessary for teachers to be stressed with their students? (căng thẳng) (No, it isn’t I think teacher shouldn’t be stressed with their students because the teachers can make their students feel scare and worry whenever they get any mistake Sometimes, They have some actions to against their teacher And it is not good to encourage students in studying.) … TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART A, dificulty C, fear B, problem D, worry TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A, making C HOLDING B, TALKING D, FINDING TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A, WHILE TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A prepared B waited C happened D attended TẮT ĐÁP ÁN. .. D suggested TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A very B so B, DURING C, AFTER D, UNTIL C too D such TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A paying B reaching C earning D winning TẮT ĐÁP ÁN A another B all C some √D each TẮT ĐÁP ÁN √A still B ever… in the post A Use another exit when this door is shut B Do not leave this door open when you go out C This door is the only exit from this building TẮT ĐÁP ÁN PART Read the text about entertainment

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